Time Calculator

×60? ÷24? Aren't you tired of these annoying time unit calculations?
It is the world's simplest time calculator that converts time unit automatically.
It is easy and simple to calculate and convert time, and it is useful in various situations such as calculating working hours, exercise time, etc.


How to Use

Time calculator supports the following operations

Display Button

This switch makes calculator to display only the time units you want.
Each time you click, on/off changes, and the calculator determines which time units to display.
By default, it is set to display all time units.
For example, if you enter 1h 35m + 48m while all buttons are on, the result is 2h 23m, but if you turn off the h button, the result is 143m, and if you turn off the h and m buttons, the result is 8580s.

Time Unit Button

Since this calculator is made only for time calculation, the calculation proceeds only after completing the time format basically.
That is, a time unit is required after every number.
If there is a number without a time unit, the calculation does not proceed.
However, it is an exception immediately after entering a multiplication or division operation.
The multiplication operation cannot enter a time unit, only numbers, because it is strange to multiply time by time, such as 4h * 2m.
The division operation accepts both time format and number.
When completing the time format, you cannot enter a larger unit if a smaller unit has already been entered.
The reason is that the time format of 15m 4d is strange, so calculator thinks it is mistake.


Calculation results are saved and can be used again with the use button when needed.